Early & Late Play

The School has an independently run Early and Late Play Club on site, open to any child that attends the School from Reception through to Year 6.  Children attending the Club will be able to relax and unwind, or take part in low-key activities if they wish.  It is a lovely way for the children get to know pupils from other year groups.  

The Club is located in a well-equipped school mobile and has access to the Infant School Hall and the playing fields and playgrounds for outdoor play when the weather is fine.

Early Play Club is open from 7:45am each morning. Infant school children will be escorted to their classroom at 8:55am and Junior School children will be dismissed at 8:45am to make their own way to their classroom.

Late Play Club operates after each school day, from 3:30pm until 6:00pm. Of course, parents may collect their children earlier if they wish.

Whilst the Club operates on school premises, it is a registered charity with trustees, and is overseen by its own Management Committee who are:

Cedric Allenou (Chair), Cheryl Chapman (Secretary), Erica Peck (Manager), Julie Smith (Treasurer), Mike Middlemiss, Amelia Moller, Nicola Clarke, Ciara Pieters and Clare Giltrow.

The trustees are:

Cedric Allenou, Mike Middlemiss, Rachel Cooper (MBE) and Sarah Martin.

The Management Committee is responsible for setting the Club policies and appointing staff. All policy documents are available for inspection through the Club Manager, Erica Peck.

The Club can be contacted in the following ways:

By phone from 7.45-9am & 3-6pm daily during term time 07513-895520 or 01799-528607

By text during the day 07513-895520

Or by Email:
finance.rablateplayclub@gmail.com (Fees & Accounts - Julie Smith) 
manager.rablateplayclub@gmail.com (Registration, Absence reporting & general correspondence - Erica Peck)

For admissions and registration please see the Parent Handbook Section 4.