school closure - Severe Weather

The decision to close our schools is never taken lightly. The health and safety of our children and staff is my number one priority.   Any decision to close the school is made in consultation with the Chair of Governors and our Premises Team.  Our ability to open very much depends on enough teachers being able to get into school safely. 

In the event of severe weather conditions we will inform parents at the earliest opportunity whether we are closing in order to give you as much time as possible to plan accordingly.

In the event of extreme weather overnight:

Please check the school website in the first instance:  It will be updated by 7.30am to indicate whether we are open or closed.  We will also send a School Comms message to parents.

For those of you with no internet access there will be someone to answer calls from 8am, but where possible please check on-line first as there will be limited personnel in the office.

If you hear nothing, you should assume school is open and we will be expecting your child.  We do understand for those of you that do not live in Saffron Walden you may face challenging journeys and it is for you to decide whether you can make it in safely.

In certain situations we may make the decision to have a Late Start, the time of which will be indicated on the website, if we feel it would be safe for staff to travel into school slightly later in the morning.

School drop-off on a snowy day

You should drop your children off as normal, using your regular entrance gates. 

In the event of extreme weather conditions during the day:

It is more difficult when it starts snowing or there are other extreme weather conditions during the school day.  Please always check the website in the first instance to get updated information, rather than calling.

Sometimes some of our parents, who live further away or out of the town may decide they wish to collect their children before it gets dark or before the road conditions deteriorate further.

If we are concerned that the children and/or staff will get stranded here then we may decide that we should send the children home. If we do we will contact you:

a) via School Comms (marked urgent school closure)

b) via a website update

Then you or a representative you trust should make arrangements to come and collect your children.  Please call the school to let us know who will be collecting your child if it is not you.

Please make sure that your details held here at school are up to date.

Thank you.