Subject Leaders - Mr Leeman & Miss Robinson

At RAB, we inspire children to appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics and we have the determination that all children will become successful mathematicians during their time in the school. We recognise that mathematics is a highly creative, inter-connected discipline, essential in laying down the foundations for understanding the world and skills for life.

By the end of the mathematical journey a child embarks on at RAB, they will have become more flexible and fluent thinkers; inquisitive and insightful questioners; attentive and deliberate observers; and resourceful and resilient problem solvers.

Within our challenging and engaging lessons, conceptual understanding is prioritised over procedural understanding, allowing children to think deeply and articulate their reasoning.

From an early age, children gain a sense of number and are taught key fluency facts that underpin the rest of the curriculum. By having instant recall of these facts, children can wrestle with increasingly complex problems that form rich connections between areas of the curriculum.

At RAB, we follow a mastery curriculum. We believe that when teaching mathematics, it is important that lessons are broken into small steps so that all children can become successful mathematicians. Daily masterclasses are used in the afternoon to ensure that any learner who needs more practise is ready for the next set of small steps the following day.