At RAB we are proud to celebrate the diversity of our whole school community and have established our REACH Group (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage), which includes both parents and staff and to which all are welcome.  As a group we have agreed the following guiding tolerance statement:

At R A Butler we believe all our community – our pupils, families and staff – have the right to study, live and work in an environment free from all prejudice and discrimination. We actively uphold the right of every individual and group within our community to be treated with dignity and are guided by our core value of Respect. The school has a zero-tolerance approach to racism and condemns all racist and discriminatory behaviour. We are committed to challenging and dismantling structural racism and unconscious bias within our practices, policies, procedures and communities.

We fully support and encourage anyone who is experiencing/has experienced, or has witnessed, any form of discrimination, racism, harassment or bullying to come forward and tell us; no act is considered too small to be addressed. We take all such allegations seriously and will investigate thoroughly to ensure any such behaviour is challenged and that any appropriate actions are taken.