Subject Lead: Miss Peacock and Mrs Kimber

Y6 French Marche

Our Languages curriculum ignites a curiosity for learning new languages, building foundations for future language learning at secondary school and beyond.  The focus of study is on practical communication and children will be exposed to native French speakers through videos, songs and audio clips. Key skills and knowledge in French are introduced in Year 3 and developed through KS2 by a programme of revisiting and extending. Regular interleaving and retrieval of previous learning, grammar and themes ensures consolidation and progression of learning through KS2. In Year 3, language learning is primarily through listening and speaking, with more emphasis on reading and writing as children progress through Year 4 and 5. By Year 6 children are expected to write short paragraphs. Topics are linked to every day routine language and topics specifically chosen in order to ensure firm foundations for further foreign language teaching at KS3.