• Spelling is taught regularly and consistently from Early Years to Year Six.  This follows the RAB spelling overviews to ensure spelling objectives from the English Programme of Study are covered and then revisited again to ensure consolidation. 

  • Early Years and Year 1 begin by learning to spell common exception words correctly (words which cannot be phonetically encoded).   

  • From Year One, children begin to learn how to apply spelling rules and patterns, including exceptions to those rules.  These patterns and exceptions follow the expectations of the National Curriculum 2014.  

  • We believe spelling is taught most effectively as part of interactive, engaging sessions, which take an investigative approach wherever possible.  

  • Success and progress in spelling is celebrated through weekly spelling tests in KS2 and half termly spelling assessments in KS1, which allow children to earn certificates for their achievements. 

  • Appropriate interventions are put in place to support children who are identified in pupil progress meetings as not making the progress they are capable of.